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Sharp Shape Foot Scanner

Foot Scan Archway Orthotics
Sharp Shape Foot Scanner

We have been manufacturing custom-made orthotics from Sharp Shape Foot Scanners since 2010.

This is one of the first 3D foot scanning systems used in the orthotics industry,

developed by our technology partner Shape Shape, this system is still as accurate as newer scanners and is still widely used by Practitioners.

The Foot Scan digitally casts your patient’s feet in any position in seconds, dramatically cutting the time normally spent plaster casting.

You can E-mail these electronic casts to our lab, doing away with trips to the post office, postage costs, and it will speed up your orthotic lead times.



  • Accurate 3D Casts

  • E-Mail foot scans to the lab

  • No Postage costs

  • Casts cannot go missing or be damaged in the post

  • Speed up lab lead times

If you are using a sharp shape foot scanner and would like to send your scans to us , click below to send us an email.

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