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iPad Foot Scanner

iPad Scanning -

No Messing !

We are manufacturing custom-made orthotics using 3D iPad scans for over 2 years now,

ever since the technology was first release in 2016.

The numbers of our customers switching from plaster Casts and Bio Foam boxes to iPad Scanning is increasing all the time.


Up to now 3D foot scanning required expensive cumbersome technology which was expensive in the thousdands of euros.

If you already have an iPad ( no older than the iPad Air 1) all you need is the Structure Sensor 3D adapter.

You can purchase the Structure Sensor 3D adapter directly from the website for 379 USD


Digital foot scanning allows practitioners to take accurate

3 dimensional digital casts of their patient’s feet. The Foot Scan digitally casts your patient’s feet in any position in seconds, dramatically cutting the time normally spent plaster casting or bio-foam casting.

You can E-mail these electronic casts to our lab, doing away with trips to the post office, postage costs, and it will speed up your orthotic lead times.


  • Accurate 3D digital Casts

  • Light weight, extremely portable

  • E-Mail foot scans to the lab

  • No Postage costs

  • Affordable technology for your clinic

  • Casts cannot go missing or be damaged in the post

  • Speed up lab lead times

iPad Foot Scan

Getting started with iPad scanning

Do you already have an iPad?

If you have an iPad Air 1 or newer you are half way there!

If not you will need to purchase an iPad new or refurbished, there are some great deals to be had on older iPads. But nothing older than an iPad Air 1 remember!

The software and files are not heavy on memory so the latests iPad is not necessary.

The Structure Senor Adapter

Once you have your iPad go to the website (link Below) and purchase the structure adapter which suits your iPad type. The cost is 379 USD


Once you have your iPad and Structure Senor 3D adapter there is only on thing left to get and thats the App. Go to the app store and search for Aoms TOT. The App costs 40 USD.

Download the app and thats it! You now have the latest 3D foot scanning technology for your clinic.

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