"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it!"

Introducing the Stridalyzer MARATHON, The latest in wearable technology.

For the casual runner enjoying their 5 - 10K or the avid runner aiming for the marathon or triathlon, Stridalyzer will help you Avoid Injuries, Improve Foot Landing, Cadance, Pace, Impact Stress and track your run with Body Biomechanics.

Take your phone with you and get Real-Time tracking, stress-maps, alerts etc as you run! Or, go running without your phone and sync when you come back!

Avoid Injuries Improve your Form and Performance.,
Get the guidance you need for a BETTER RUN!

Stridalyzer MARATHON insoles sync data with the Stridalyzer App using BlueTooth LE. Stridalyzer APP is available on iOS and Android. Product comes with 1 pair of insoles, one charging cable. Our App can be downloaded from AppStore/PlayStore.Online Analytics & Cloud storage included.