Foot Scanner
Custom-made Orthotic Lab Process
Lead Time 7 Working Days
Step 1: Cast Scan
All Plaster Casts and Biofoam impressions are scanned and digitally recorded. Practitioners with clinic foot scanners emailed their digital scans to the lab.

Step 2: SHARP SHAPE™ Orthotic Design CAD CAM
Our Lab uses Sharp Shape™ Giving us accurate rearfoot ,forefoot, archfill and additional corrections incorporated into our orthotics with precision. - Hundreds of thousands, if not more than a million orthotic devices have been produced through Sharp Shape systems world wide.- The Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratory Association PFOLA
All our orthotics are unique to each individual patient, we do not use prefabricated or library moulds.

Step 3: CNC Precision Machining
The final orthotic designs are recorded and transferred to a CNC Milling machine. Our orthotics are cut from high grade polypropylene to any shape and any thickness with precision engineering, ensuring accuracy.

Step 4: Hand Finished
We take pride in our product, all Orthotics are finished by hand by skilled technicians.

Step 5: Data Storage
All individual Orthotic designs are stored electronically for 10 Years to cater for reorders.
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